Minutes - 2017

Chouteau Minutes – 2017, OCT

Chouteau Grotto Monthly Minutes

October 4, 2017

Called to order:  7:08 pm

President: Rita Worden                                                Treasurer:  Kevin Feltz

Vice President: Alex Roberts                                         Secretary:  BJ Seidel

Members present:  Dave Webster, Jim Huckins, Mag Matlock, Roger Brown, Mike Morgan

Committee Reports:

  • Secretary’s report: minutes were posted and approved
  • Treasurer’s report: MSS Director’s report:  Rita read the minutes. The next Liaison will be

Nov 1st.  The next meeting will be Jan 20th, 2018 at 1pm in Rolla

  • Foresight Editor’s Report: Requests more 2016 report
  • Quartermaster’s Report: Grotto banner is in Mike Morgan’s possession, all other equipment is accounted for

Old Business:

  • Fall Cave/Campout: Alex is still planning to roast the hog; camping will be at Rita’s homestead. Cost is $5 per person/$10 per family, everyone bring sides to share
  • Photo Project: tabled for now

New Business:

  • Cave access: state parks are looking at reopening caves
  • Website: some people are still having trouble accessing minutes. Alex is still working on it and will email members the link
  • Mike Morgan will check with Jim Sherrill on arranging a grotto trip to Berome-Moore

Upcoming Events:

  • October 5-8 TAG Fall Cave-in
  • October 14-15 Grotto Fall Cave/camp/hog-roast
  • Cooley’s projects: see Rita to join in the Alley Spring Cave survey or the Oct 27-29 Balle Mines gate project

Trip Reports:

  • Berome Moore: Rita and BJ reported on progress with survey; reporting 20.91 miles are now mapped including both the old map and new additions
  • MVOR: Mike Morgan and Roger Brown reported
  • Devil’s Icebox: Rita says Roxie still wants to have more trained trip leaders and reintroduce wild cave trips into the cave

Adjournment:  8:05 pm



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