Minutes - 2018

Chouteau Minutes – 2018, JUL

Chouteau Grotto Monthly Minutes July 11, 2018

Call to order:  7:10 pm

President:  Dave Seidel (absent)  Vice president:  Rita Worden    Treasurer:  Kevin Feltz    Secretary:  BJ Seidel

Members present:  Dave Webster, Jim Huckins, Mag Matlock, Roger Brown, Kris Corbett, Martin Carmichael,  Brittany Abbott

Officer’s Reports:

  • Secretary’s report:  minutes are posted and approved for May and June
  • Treasurer’s report:  $2394.68
  • MSS director:  next meeting– September 9th at 10:00 am (MCKC meeting will likely preceed this)
  • Foresight Editor:  need trip reports and photos
  • Quartermaster:  no change

Old Business: 

  • Fall Cookout:  the tentative date is changed to October 20th

New Business:

  • New member Brittany Abbott   shared with the group what she does and how she came to Chouteau Grotto.
  • Rockbridge Park is still looking for park volunteers (who will be trained and able to go into Devil’s Icebox)
  • August 29th is the deadline for the MSS Liaison

Upcoming Events: 

  • July 30th- August 3  NSS Convention in Helena, Montana
  • September 7-9 MSS cave-in Current River State Park  (meeting 9/9  at 10:00 am)
  • September 28-30 Fall MVOR in Lebanon, MO
  • October 20th Fall Picnic

Adjournment:  8:20 pm

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