Chouteau Minutes – 2018, Sep

Chouteau Grotto Monthly Minutes September 5th, 2018

Call to order:  7:08 pm

President:  Dave Seidel (absent)  Vice president:  Rita Worden    Treasurer:  Kevin Feltz    Secretary:  BJ Seidel (absent)

Members present:  Mike Morgan, David Webster, Mag Matlock, Scott Schulte, Roger Brown, Jim Hucking, Kris Corsett, Martin Carmichael, Carlos Cunha

Officer’s Reports:

  • Secretary’s report:  none
  • Treasurer’s report:  Financial report given; several members paid dues
  • MSS Director’s Report: MSS meeting the following weekend
  • Quartermaster: Chouteau banner refurbished and restored – now stored in appropriate container

Old Business: 

  • Minutes from previous meeting approved

New Business

  • Wayfair sinkhole cleanout –
    • 10am Saturday Morning October 20th
    • Kevin – suggested rigging boss
    • Mike – suggested fleet master
    • Martin – volunteer arborist


  • Bruce Cave – LIDAR data revealed many new unexplored sinks nearby
  • Blanchard Springs – Sept 23rd @ 1pm, opportunity to visit cave.  See Blanchard Springs Cave website for details.

Meeting Adjourned 8:23pm

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