Minutes - 2018

Jan 2, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order 7:05pm

Officers present: Rita Worden, Kevin Feltz

Members present: Martin Carmichael, Sandra Galloway, Shannon Zalez, David Webster, Roger Brown, Mag Matlock

New Business:

  • Devil’s Icebox – Grotto members are encouraged to sign up for ‘Friends of Rock Bridge’ so we can access tours when they are scheduled
  • Looked over publication (brochure) – discussed redoing the brochure and the possibility of getting business cards.  This professional presentation would help lend credibility to cavers when introducing ourselves to property owners
  • Martin – will check into getting into the cave on B.W. property that is in Howard County, close to the Katy trail and HWY 240
  • Sandra Galloway paid membership dues and is now a Chouteau Grotto member.
  • Members that wish to hike with KCAG at Three Creeks CA on Jan 5th should meet at the Myer’s parking lot access at 11am on that day
  • Bill Gee – Carroll Cave data logging trip will occur on Jan 12th
  • Roger – Meeting in Arkansas (Arkansas Association of Cave Studies) Kayla & Drew are working with authorities to get more caves open to groups, possibly Grotto access
  • April cookout – possible dates are the first or second weekend in April

Treasurer’s report: $2446.07 is the balance of funds available

Quartermaster’s report: Gear is secure

Meeting adjourned 8:44pm

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