Chouteau Grotto Minutes September 4, 2019

Chouteau Grotto Monthly Minutes

September 4, 2019

Officers:  President:  Dave Seidel (absent)                                  Vice President:  Rita Worden

Treasurer:  Kevin Feltz                                                   Secretary:  BJ Seidel (absent)

Members present:  Dave Webster, Jim Huckins, Mike Morgan, Kris Corbett, Martin Carmichael, Sandra Galloway,

Grace Welch, Donald Henson

Visitor:  Victor Munson

Meeting called to order 7:09 pm


Secretary Report:  August Minutes posted and approved

Treasurer Report:  $2501.07

Quartermaster Report:  in situ

MSS Director’s report:  next meeting Sept 15   Berome-Moore

Foresight:  Dave Webster presented sample Foresights for 2015-2019

Old Business:

Fall cookout will be at Rita’s place on weekend of October 4-6, confirmed with chicken quarters to be served.  Donation of                                       $5 per person and bring a side to share.  Rita is inviting other grottos and reaching out to Corey to arrange cleanup work

New Business:

Landowners:  Martin mentioned being approached by a neighbor of one of our landowners we have permission from to visit

her cave.  Members agreed that we need to renew landowners to renew our relationship with them and update any                                             information about them and us as well as thank them.

Devil’s Icebox:  Rita updated us about the Devil’s Icebox Cave Institute

Demonstration:  Martin demonstrated an alkaline battery bounce test.  The dead batteries bounced when dropped from about 6″

above the table, the good batteries did not bounce.  Useful –thanks Martin

Upcoming Events:

September 7th Carroll Cave trip

September 28th   Carroll Cave Landowner trip

October 4-6  Fall campout

Adjournment:   8:06pm