Chouteau Grotto November Monthly Minutes

Chouteau Grotto Monthly Minutes (Nov. 2019)

November 6, 2019

President:  David Seidel

Vice President: Rita Worden

Treasurer:  Kevin Feltz

Secretary:  BJ Seidel (BJ absent – David Seidel substituting)

Other Members present: Jim Huckins, David Webster, Morris Matlock, Martin Carmichael, Sandra Galloway, Shannon Zaloz, Victor Munsen


Meeting called to order @ 7:05 pm by President.

Committee Reports:

  • Secretary’s report: Prior minutes motion for approval passed. Passed Unanimously
  • Treasurer’s report: $2511.07. Annual dues are $10 per person
  • MSS director’s report: Rita Worden – Next meeting is Jan 25th
  • Foresight Editor’s Report: Prior received two trip reports from Rita
  • Quartermaster’s report: Nothing Out, everything accounted for

Old Business:

  • Fall Cave-camp and Cookout with Wayfarer Sinkhole Cleanout – Removed car from sinkhole slope and many buckets of debris
  • Chouteau Grotto recognizes two of our members who were listed in the NSS News (October) Long-term membership listing: Mike Morgan 50-yr member and David (Robert) Webster 60-yr member.

New Business:

  • Next Choteau Grotto meeting will be at the Christmas Party on Friday December 13th
  • Dec 13th Christmas Party at County Downs Clubhouse at 6 pm. Potluck: Bring a dish.
  • Chouteau Grotto Materials Consolidation Effort for Library and Website of Foresights/Minutes/ Pictures, then update archive at Missouri Historical Society

Trip Reports:

  • None Presented

Upcoming Caving Events:

  • Nov 8,9,10 – Allie Springs Survey continues
  • Nov 16 – Devil’s Icebox Event
  • Nov 22 – Old Spanish – Scouts
  • Nov 28 – Mammoth Cave KY
  • Jan 11 – Carroll Cave Datalogger Trip
  • Jan 25 , 2020: MSS Meeting at the Missouri Geological Survey in Rolla
  • Jan 25 – Stark Caverns
  • Feb 2 Carroll Cave Trip


Adjournment:  8:05 Pm