Minutes - 2020

March Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 3/4/2020

Called to order 7:03pm

Members Present, Martin Carmichael, Rita Worden, Kevin Feltz, Sandra Galloway, Mike Morgan, Devin Brown, Mandi Alexander, Micah Bogart, Morris Matlock, Jim Huckins

Treasurer’s report: 2420.07

MSS Director Report: Snowed in for meeting, will share minutes of previous meeting

Quartermaster Report: Equipment is locked up and secure

Old Business: meeting minutes reviewed and approved

Review Yahoo group members – tabled until April

New Business: Lewis & Clark trip, March 21

Elbow Cave trip – bio count – Check with Roxie on access.  Elbow cave entrance is now cleaned out.  Needs cattle panel placed on existing t-posts.

Thompson Creek cave – possible trip.  Shannon County

Upcoming trips include Skaggs (3/7), Cleveland (3/8) and Carroll (3/14)

Rope training – many members wanting additional training skills on rope, Chouteau and other grottos

Meeting adjourned 8:00