Chouteau Grotto Monthly Minutes October 3, 2020

President: Martin Carmichael Vice President: Rita Worden

Treasurer: Kevin Feltz Secretary: BJ Seidel

Members present: Grace Welch, Mag Matlock, Shannon Zaloz, Sandra Galloway, Kayla Heady, Dave Seidel, Mike Morgan, Rebecca, new members Kat Holeman and Steve Potter

Meeting: around the campfire


Treasurer’s report: $2490.07

Secretary’s report: minutes posted and approved

Quartermaster’s report: all equipment accounted for

MSS Director’s report: meeting was in Perryville. 3400 feet have been surveyed. Next meeting is tentatively planned for January 23, 2021

Old business:

wayfarer sink is off limits because of the horses in the pasture

Trip reports for the Liaison are due

Upcoming events:

MVOR: October 9-11, 2020 at the Bird’s Nest Campground

Meeting adjourned