Minutes - 2021

July 2021 Minutes

Meeting date: 7/7/21 Called to order 7:08pm

Members present: Martin Carmichael, ‘Mag’ Matlock, Kevin Feltz, Rita Worden, Freddy, John Roth, Jim Huckins, Mike Morgan, Shannon Zaloz

Treasurer’s report $ 2445.07

MSS Director’s report: There has been resurvey on Ozark Caverns. Rita reports an unknown tentacle like ‘thingy’ was found in the stream. Next meeting location is 9/9.

Quartermaster’s report: All equipment is secure

Nunley Mountain Cave – currently possibly being taken under management. A December trip might be possible. Will have to wait to see.

New member, John Roth; welcome!

Fall cookout – need to schedule a date and get back to the Wayfarer sink.

Post meeting place – G&D is now closing at 8:30. We should find a new post meeting joint.