August 4 2021 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm at Cosmos park.
Officers: President Martin Carmichael, VP Rita Worden, Treasurer Kevin Feltz–absent, Treasurer BJ Seidel
Members present: Dave Webster, Jim Huckins, Mike Morgan, Mag Matlock, Sandra Galloway, Shannon Zaloz, John Roth
Visitors: Jarrett Whistance, Caleb Mundwiller
Treasurer’s Report: none
Secretary’s Report: July minutes posted and approved
MSS Director’s Report: next meeting Sept.9th at Goodwin
Foresight Editor’s Report: almost finished with 2020
Quartermaster’s Report: all equipment secure
New Business: Dave Webster donated 3 old magazines to the grotto library– Journal of Cave and Karst Studies vol 7, no.5 from Dec 2005, MCKC Digest Vol 9 no 1 from Winter 2002,
100th MVOR–50 Golden Years from Oct 26-28, 2007
The fall cookout, campout, Wayfarer pit clean-out planned for Oct 2-3, 2021
Sept 25,2021 will be Kieswetter cave
Martin is looking for volunteers to help him take Boy Scouts to Cleveland Cave and possibly rappelling the next day.
Sandra Galloway will be leaving our grotto to move to Cabool, MO
Meeting adjourned 8 pm