Chouteau Grotto Minutes

December 1, 2021

Meeting called to order 7:05 pm

President: Martin Carmichael Vice President: Rita Worden

Treasurer: Kevin Feltz Secretary: BJ Seidel

Members present: Mike Morgan, Angie Wooden, John Roth, Kohl Mitchell, Caleb Mundwiller, Shannon Zaloz, Jarrett Whistance, Bryn Downes-Ward



Secretary–minutes were approved

Foresight: Shannon is asking for next volunteer to step forward to learn about Foresight before she leaves


Old Business:

Nunley Mountain trip has been denied for this year because of further construction including a parking lot and nature trails, and marked paths inside the cave. Next possible date is for Spring break 2022

New Business:

the next NSS news will have a feature on Nunley Mountain

Wayfarer sink: John has talked to Corey for possible work on the sink this month. He is willing, and John will contact him again for best dates.

Carroll Cave: there will be a photo trip Jan 1st Leaders will be Kristen and Martin for 2 small groups

Christmas dinner: there will be a group email to find out how many will be able to attend and we need a number to select where to gather

Several people are interested in going back to Railroad cave as well as Buzzard cave in Frankfurt

KCAG Christmas party is Dec 11

Officer elections are in January and positions are still open until then.

Meeting adjourned 7:45 pm