Minutes - 2022

Jan 2022 Minutes

Meeting Date 1.5.2021
Special guest: Vona Kus
Members present: Shannon Zaloz, Kohl Mitchell, Briony Downes-Ward, Mike Morgan, ‘Mag’ Matlock, Kevin Feltz, John Roth, Rita Worden
Vona gave a wonderful presentation on bat identifcation.

Call to order 8:03pm
Treasurers report, $2495.07
MSS Director’s report, next meeting will be the 1st weekend in March at Berome Moore
Quartermaster’s report, gear is secure but don’t know what’s there.
Foresite editor, discussed options for formatting a trip report. After discussion, trip reports will be sent in no particular format.

Old business: Elections. John Roth withdrew consent for nomination of President. New nominations were made for Chair and VC; Martin for President and Rita Worden and John
Roth for Vice President. An election was held; John Roth was voted in as Vice President. Martin, Kevin, and BJ were elected by acclamation to the offices of President, Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.

Discussion was held about grotto equipment. Currently John has some equipment and brought an inventory of such. Rita also has some grotto equipment but is not fully sure
what is there. Rita will bring an inventory list of the Chouteau equipment she is storing.

Upcoming trip at Railroad – Saturday Jan 22nd.

Wayfarer – Martin needs a photo for a scrapper to come pick the remnants up.

Adjourned 8:30pm