Chouteau Grotto Monthly Minutes

Chouteau Grotto Monthly Minutes

February 13, 2019

Meeting called to order:  7:10 pm at Missouri’s Community Action Center

President:  Dave Seidel (absent)                     Vice President:  Rita Worden                        Treasurer: Kevin Feltz                   Secretary:  BJ Seidel

Members present:  Martin Carmichael, Sandra Galloway, Mag Matlock, Roger Brown, Jim Huckins, Shannon Zaloz

Secretary’s report:  minutes posted and approved

Treasurer’s report: $2441.07

Foresight editor’s report:  none

MSS Director’s report: Pleasant and brief.  We have purchased the Carroll Cave shaft. Next meeting May 5, 2019 10 am in the Ozark Underground                                                Laboratory in Protem, MO.

Quartermaster’s report: equipment secure

Old Business:

  • Spring pot luck-campout –1st weekend  in April  Work on the Wayfarer pit on Saturday. Rita will contact PEG
  • Reimbursement for fall cookout purchases:  Need to write a check to Grace Welch for the meat purchase
  • PEG holiday party
  • Brochure:  no progress yet

New Business:

  • Website update–Martin has graciously spent some time searching and recovering old files from the old Chouteau.org site and has a lot of old photos that need to be properly identified and some posted in the archives on our new site. Martin also pointed out that we need to change our web host, possibly NSS to insure our access to it.
  • Grotto constitution–Martin was wondering where our constitution is published. Roger will send Martin the link to the constitution on Yahoo. We need to have access to it now.

Upcoming Events:

  • March 2-3, 2019 Carroll cave work trip–above ground
  • List of caving events compiled by KCAG
  • MCKC–next meeting May 18, 2019 in Waynesville
  • NSS Convention in TN June 17-21
  • Devil’s Icebox resurvey plans for the month of September 2019

Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm