Chouteau Grotto Monthly Minutes June 3, 2020

Chouteau Grotto Monthly Minutes

June 3, 2020

President:  Martin Carmichael                                        Vice President:  Rita Worden

Treasurer:  Kevin Feltz (absent)                                                      Secretary:  BJ Seidel

Members present:  Mag Matlock, Shannon Zaloz, Sandra Galloway, Victor Munsen

Meeting called to order: 7:11pm

Committee Reports:

  • Secretary’s Report: minutes posted and approved
  • Treasurer’s Report: none
  • MSS Director’s report: summarized the last meeting
  • Quartermaster’s Report: everything accounted for
  • Foresight Editor’s Report: none

Old Business:  none

New Business:

  • Fall Cookout: picked Oct 2-4 for campout and cleanup
  • Need to pick up trash already at Wayfarer’s Sink
  • Dates for cave trips: Martin put in for permit for Skagg’s cave. First date 6/14, or 6/21
  • Elbow Cave: to be planned on the alternate weekend of Skagg’s cave
  • Discussed a float trip—Sunday’s would be best option

Upcoming events:

  • Skaggs cave 6/14? 6/21?
  • Elbow cave 6/21?
  • Float trip TBD
  • Fall Cookout, campout, work @ Wayfarer’s sink

Adjournment:  7:56pm