Minutes - 2021

March 2021 Minutes

Meeting Date: March 3, 2021 Called to order 7:07 pm
Members present: Mike Morgan, ‘Mag’ Matlock, John Drenon, Kohl Mitchell, Jim Huckins, Kevin Feltz, Martin Carmichael, Mike Morgan, Shannon Zaloz, BJ Seidel, Rita Worden Quartermasters report: all equipment accounted for Treasurer’s report – $2510.07
Due paying members – 16 Minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.

New Business:
Contact Roxie about a Lewis & Clark cave trip. L&C is closed April 1st.
Kiesewetter cave trip upcoming (March 6th) Allie Springs trip March 20-21 MVOR April 22-25,2021 Cleveland Cave trip for the scouts August 20-22, with Youngers Bluff and rope work. Spaghetti Cave trip in April Grotto will be putting cattle gates up by Elbow Cave and cleaning up the area
Schedule a cleanup of Wayfarer sink in May?
Upcoming trip to Carroll Cave Schedule Nunley Mountain cave trip for Oct? Pic Walenta memorial May 23 Dave Webster retiring from Foresight. Shannon Zaloz volunteered to take over for about a year. Meeting adjourned at 8pm