April 2021 Minutes

Meeting Date: April 7, 2021 

Called to order 7:05 pm

Members present: Mike Morgan, ‘Mag’ Matlock, John Drenon, Kohl Mitchell, Jim Huckins, Kevin Feltz, Martin Carmichael, Shannon Zaloz, David Seidel, Rita Worden

Quartermasters report: all equipment accounted for                        Treasurer’s report – $2525.07

Minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.

New Foresight Editor – Shannon’s Presentation on ForeSight Layouts and Grotto Flyers – Reviewed by Members and are Available – Martin has a nearly completed Grotto Brochure

Jim brought in Chouteau Grotto Caving 1960s files he compiled of Boone Co Caves and other documents for Martin to Scan and review

Kevin mentioned the Peace Park Historical Society has some of Chouteau’s documents – He may go an see what is there now.

Rita returned to David Seidel for Library – recent paper bound ForeSights which Martin later borrowed. Martin has these items to review and scan.

New Business:

MVOR April 22 – 25, 2021                                                                                               Spaghetti Cave trip in April – Possible  

Three Creeks ridge walking in April – Possible

Don Henry Cave – ? Date

Carroll Cave July 11th                                            

Pic Walenta memorial May 23 – Grotto Memebers Discussed and voted to donate to Pic’s Memorial for $100.00 – Vote was 8-1-2,(Approved)


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm