May 2021 Minutes

Chouteau Grotto Monthly Minutes

May 5, 2021

President:  Martin Carmichael Vice President: Rita Worden;

Secretary:  BJ Seidel (Absent)   Treasurer:  Kevin Feltz

Other members present:  Mike Morgan, Mag Matlock, Jim Huckins, Dave Webster, David Seidel, Shannon Zaloz, Rebecca Carpenter, Kohl Mitchell, Freddie Heitz

Meeting called to order:  7:00 pm

Committee Reports:

  • Secretary’s report:  Prior minutes motion for approval and passed
  • Treasurer’s report: $2425.07
  • MSS Director’s report:  MSS Spring Meeting is June 4-6 at Lake Ozark State Park
  • Foresight Editor’s report:  Need more reports and photos
  • Quartermaster’s report:  nothing out, everything accounted (Rita)

Old Business:

  • MVOR – April 22-24 was a good time – Chouteau member were there
  • Three Creeks Ridge Walking – April 11 – Observed new field sinks

New Business:

  • Jim Huckins brought in some 1972 -1994 NSS documents – to Library
  • Dave Webster brought in three Missouri Speleology magazines and the Chouteau Grotto bound Foresight book Vol. 1-6 (1958 – 1963) – Returned to Grotto Library

Upcoming events:

  • Possible May Caving – Spaghetti Cave, Elbow Cave Work Day, Wayfarer Sink Clean & Cave
  • May 23, 2020– Pic Walenta Memorial
  • July 11, 2021– Carroll cave trip

Adjournment:  7:47 pm