Mar 2022 Minutes

Meeting on March 2, 2022

President:  Martin Carmichael

Vice President: John Roth

Treasurer:  Kevin Feltz

Secretary:  BJ Seidel (BJ absent – David Seidel substituting)

Other Members present: Mike Morgan; Jim Huckins; ‘Mag’ Matlock; Rita Worden; Shannon Zaloz,, Kohl Mitchell, Briony Downes-Ward; Angie Wooden; Jarrett Whistance; Emma Buckingham; Caleb Mundwiller; Grace Meyer; Sandra Galloway

Meeting called to order @ 7:00 pm by President.

Committee Reports:

  • Secretary’s report:  Prior minutes motion for approval passed. Passed Unanimously
  • Treasurer’s report:  $2470.07
  • MSS director’s report:  Next MSS meeting is March 6th at Perryville
  • Foresight Editor’s Report: Need Trip Reports
  • Quartermaster’s report:  Everything is accounted for. Rita will supply president with an inventory by email

Old Business:

  • Inventory of Grotto equipment to be completed
  • Survey equipment discussion continued. Borrow Disto X and/or Possible purchase of Bric4 by Grotto
  • Elbow Cave Clean Up done, possible mapping next

New Business:

  • Logo for Choteau Grotto Digitization – shirt, materials & reports. Send Martin original logo copy and he will get it digitize

Trip Reports:

  • Elbow Cave Cleanout – Martin and three members
  • Mammoth Cave – Rita dislocated shoulder by fall

Upcoming Caving Events:

  • Mar 5-6th – MSS at Berome-Moore – Perryville
  • Mar 19-20th – Carroll Cave Trip with Bill Gee
  • Nunley Mountain Trip – Possible date May 21

Adjournment:  8:03 Pm