Chouteau Grotto Minutes

July 6, 2022 Meeting called to order 6:31 pm

President: Martin Carmichael Vice President: John Roth (zoom)

Treasurer: Kevin Feltz (absent) Secretary: BJ Seidel

Members present: Victor Munsen, Bryn Downes-Ward, Caleb Mundwiller, Rita Worden, Jarrett Whistance, Matthew Hernandez, Shannon Zaloz and Kohl Mitchell were on zoom

Treasurer’s report: (called in) $2530.07

Secretary’s report: minutes posted and approved

Quartermaster’s report: All equipment accounted for

Foresight: Kohl is waiting for more trip reports including Nunley mountain, besides the 2 trips he went on

MSS Director’s report: the next meeting will be here in Columbia, 10/1/22 We will be visiting Devil’s Icebox and the special use area will be available for camping. Members of ICI will be attending as well as Roxie and the new superintendent. Kirsten will be cooking one meal.

Old Business: none

New Business:

Kohl visited Mammoth cave and met the curator of the Museum of caves who requested some of Chouteau’s old Foresights. We have bound copies which Martin wants to finish digitizing before we consider donating them.

Martin wants Chouteau to consider where we want to store the digitized materials to insure safe storage and access in the future.

John wants a group to go back to Nunley Mtn .and push new passages

Upcoming trips:

Carroll Cave on 7/9/22 and 8/27/22

Possible trip to Skaggs on 8/6/22

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm