Jan 2022 Minutes

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Meeting Date 1.5.2021Special guest: Vona KusMembers present: Shannon Zaloz, Kohl Mitchell, Briony Downes-Ward, Mike Morgan, ‘Mag’ Matlock, Kevin Feltz, John Roth, Rita WordenVona gave a wonderful presentation on bat identifcation. Call to order 8:03pmTreasurers report, $2495.07MSS Director’s report, next meeting will be the 1st weekend in March at Berome MooreQuartermaster’s report, gear is secure but […]

July 2021 Minutes

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Meeting date: 7/7/21 Called to order 7:08pm Members present: Martin Carmichael, ‘Mag’ Matlock, Kevin Feltz, Rita Worden, Freddy, John Roth, Jim Huckins, Mike Morgan, Shannon Zaloz Treasurer’s report $ 2445.07 MSS Director’s report: There has been resurvey on Ozark Caverns. Rita reports an unknown tentacle like ‘thingy’ was found in the stream. Next meeting location […]

March 2021 Minutes

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Meeting Date: March 3, 2021 Called to order 7:07 pmMembers present: Mike Morgan, ‘Mag’ Matlock, John Drenon, Kohl Mitchell, Jim Huckins, Kevin Feltz, Martin Carmichael, Mike Morgan, Shannon Zaloz, BJ Seidel, Rita Worden Quartermasters report: all equipment accounted for Treasurer’s report – $2510.07Due paying members – 16 Minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and […]

January 2021 Minutes

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Meeting Date: 1.6.21Call to order: 7:07pmMembers present: Kohl Mitchell, Jim Huckins, ‘Mag’ Matlock, Kevin Feltz, Mike Morgan, Shannon Zaloz Treasurer Report: 2520.07MSS Director absent Previous meetings minutes reviewed and approved Suggestion we check with the owner of the property of the 2015 MVOR – cave on the property. Tunnel cave, close to Skaggs cave. Should […]

Meeting Minutes, December 2020

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Meeting date: 12.2.2020Called to order 7:06pmMembers present: Martin Carmichael, ‘Mag’ Matlock, Kevin Feltz, Jim Huckins, Mike Morgan, Dave Seidel, Kohl ____ Treasurer’s report: $2540.07 MSS Director/Quartermaster/Foresite Editor/Secretary absent, no reports Previous minutes were reviewed and approved. Dave brought Zucchini bread prepared by BJ. ‘Mag’ brought a canister of his cookies to share. We discussed the […]

Chouteau Monthly Minutes July 2020

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Meeting date: 7/1/2020 Called to order: 7:05pm Members Present:  Jim Huckins, Kevin Feltz, ‘Mag’ Matlock, Mike Morgan, Dave Webster, Martin Carmichael Officers Update: Secretary report (none) MSS Director report (none) Quartermaster report (none) Treasurer report: 2450.07 in the bank account Foresite editor report: Went to January MSS meeting.  Jeff Crews had maps of Devil’s Icebox […]

March Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Date: 3/4/2020 Called to order 7:03pm Members Present, Martin Carmichael, Rita Worden, Kevin Feltz, Sandra Galloway, Mike Morgan, Devin Brown, Mandi Alexander, Micah Bogart, Morris Matlock, Jim Huckins Treasurer’s report: 2420.07 MSS Director Report: Snowed in for meeting, will share minutes of previous meeting Quartermaster Report: Equipment is locked up and secure Old Business: […]

August 2019 Minutes

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Meeting Date: 8/7/19 Officers present: Rita Worden, VP; Kevin Feltz, Treasurer. Members present: Martin Carmichael, Dave Webster, Sandra Galloway, Mike Morgan, Jim Huckins Treasurer Report: 2431.07 MSS Director Report: Tumbling Creek Cave – nice new facilities. Should schedule a trip. Quartermaster Report: Equipment is secure Foresite Editor’s Report: 2016 and 2018 editions done, working on […]

July 2019 Minutes

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July 3rd, 2019 Meeting called to order 7:05 pm President: Dave Seidel (absent)                     Treasurer: Kevin Feltz Vice President: Rita Worden (absent)          Secretary: BJ Seidel Members: Martin Carmichael, David Webster, Mag Matlock, Sandra Galloway, Jim Huckins, Kris Corbett Visitors: Donald Henson, Hayden Henson […]

June 2019 Minutes

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June 5th, 2019 Members present: Rita Worden, Mag Matlock, Martin Carmichael, Mike Morgan, Jim Huckins, Shannon Zaloz, David Webster, Sandra Galloway Others present – Brad Miller (former member) Called to order 7:14 pm Rita – went to MSS meeting – 2200 Ft of survey completed; Grotto should schedule a Grotto trip (Tumbling Spring Cave).  Survey […]